COMPANY PROFILE – JASA PELAYARAN.COM is a one stop services maritime solution, covering ;
Management of new issuance, extension, endorsement, all ship and company certificates / SIUPAL, Adjustment Document / DOC and Safety / SMC Management Certificates and ship security certificate / ISSC in implementing the System Ship Safety and Security Management (ISM – ISPS Code), and as well as some underwater work (Salvage).
Experience in the field of shipping, provides solutions in the smooth operation of your shipping company. We are committed to maintaining client satisfaction at the maximum level, based on client needs in a way that is responsible, safe and reliable.

  • Supported by Professional Human Resource
  • Committed and highly dedicated, working with skills, knowledge and experience that is adequate, professional and trustworthy.
  • Creativity and Innovate
  • Brainstorming new ideas that can be applied to produce positive output for business development.
  • Continuous development for more efficient, effective business processes, products, and services.
  • Oriented to Customer Satisfaction
  • Be responsive and flexible to provide the best solution for customers.

• Market leader in shipping services in national and international coverage.

• Oriented to Customer Satisfaction
• With competence, experience and the process of delivering services in a timely manner, we strive to provide maximum satisfaction to consumers.
• Periodically develops products and services to meet diverse consumer needs, and strives to provide the best in every business process carried out.
• Committed and full dedication in carrying out its duties, in accordance with the ability, knowledge and experience supported by professional and trusted human resources.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES handles services for the shipping industry, which includes:
Ship Certification and Shipping Company
• New SIUPAL and SIUPAL Evaluation Management
• Official Note Change Flag / Use Flag for new Ship
• Arrangement of New Issuance / Extension of All Types of Ship Certificates:

Safety Management (ISM Code) and Ship Security Management (ISPS Code)
• Implementation of the ISM Code and ISPS Code
• Assist in the process of drafting the ship safety management system manual (ISM-Code)
• Assist in the process of preparing SSP & SSA manuals on the ship security
management system (ISPS-Code)
• Internal Audit management system for ship safety and security

Ship Repair and Underwater Works
• The sinking of the ship sank
• Ship cutting / welding
• Propeller, steering and axle repair / installation
• Preparation and Supervision Doc

Supply, Service and Certification of Ship Safety, Navigation and Communication Tools
• Certification / extension of Life Raft certificates, PMK Tubes
• Supply ship safety and equipment

Clients of

  1. PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero)
  2. PT. Cruise Fangiono Perkasa Sejati
  3. PT. Pelayaran Sinar Jaya Wijaya
  4. PT. Shipping Main Joint Services
  5. PT. Shipping of Indonesian Maritime Fleet
  6. PT. Shipping Teguh Persada Kencana
  7. PT. Pelita Samudera Shipping, TBK
  8. PT. Trans Samudra Etsa (ELNUSA Group)
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