[special_heading title=”WHO WE ARE”]

PT. ABICAM is a local company which established since 1998 known for the warehouse and office buildings manufacturer to be rented.
By the year of 2000 ABICAM has expanded the company towards heavy equipment manufacturer and services such as general supplier, fabrication, sand blasting, transportation supply on land & water, human resource, provision and heavy equipment rental, light vehicle rental, fresh water provision for work barges rig TEPI at Mahakam river, provision of AVPT.

[icon_box title=”BATCHING PLANT” text=”By early 2016 ABICAM bought a batching plant at Kariangau km. 5.5 Balikpapan, for provision of ready mixed cement or concrete casting, while also supplying materials such as Palu sand, and crushed/split stone for contractor company or retail sale.” icon=”fa-check” undefined=””]
[icon_box title=”PROVISION” text=”For the provision of the material from Palu (sand & crushed stone), we have a private port/dock to unload materials from the shipping vessel.” icon=”fa-check” undefined=””]
[special_heading title=”OUR LATEST WORKS” font=”cta-title”]


[icon_box_grid title=”CONSTRUCTION” text=”Construction and Office building rental and Workshop equipped with overhead crane with high quality construction. We are expert for it.” icon=”fa-wrench”]
[icon_box_grid title=”GENERAL SUPPLIER” text=”Mechanical, electrical, HR service, workshop building manufacturer, spud can, sandblasting, heavy duty and light vehicle rental.” icon=”fa-download”]
[icon_box_grid title=”FRESH WATER SUPPLIER” text=”Provision of fresh water for barge which operates along the river at Total E&P Indonesie located at delta Mahakam (Handil, Tambora, Tunu).” icon=”fa-tint”]
[icon_box_grid title=”PROVISION of AVTS” text=”PT. Abicam and its consortium company PT. Cipta Penta Reka Utama since 2012 until now have been serving provision of AVTS (Automatic Vessel Tracking System) for Total E&P Indonesie.” icon=”fa-rss”]
[icon_box_grid title=”LAND TRANSPORT /SEA TRANSPORT” icon=”fa-truck”]
[icon_box_grid title=”PALU MATERIAL PROVISION” text=”Provision for material from Palu for highway project and precast concrete. Other Palu materials (supply) such as: Sand, Aggregate A&B, Stone ash, Split stone 1×2, Split stone 2×3, in accordance with the specific size regulation from laboratories.” icon=”fa-refresh”]
[special_heading title=”SOME OUR CLIENTS”]
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[vc_cta_section h2=”WANT TO WORK WITH US?” label=”Get in Touch” target=”_blank” url=”mailto:adambimacakra@abicam.co.id”]Simple, just press the button below.[/vc_cta_section]
[contact-block type=”data” title=”PT. ABICAM” address=”Jl. Mulawarman RT 53 No. 47 Kel. Manggar Balikpapan” email=”adambimacakra@abicam.co.id” phone=”Tel: +62(542) 771985, 771829 Fax: +62(542) 771990″ th_is_icon_use=”yes” icon=”fa-map-marker”][/contact-block]

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